BIG THANKS TO "TRACER".  FANTASTIC "ANALYSIS" of the moment, below... much change in the wind--world over.
 Evolution of "Human Beings" toward  full "Human potential"(measured in
 what I call higher "HQ")... seems to me to be the ONLY real way mankind
 will  respect, value and support ALL who pass through here...

...and "yes", in spite of all the bulllshit, I think "Evolution of Mutual Valuing "
 is where we're going... if the Caveman-Gene in all of us doesn't express to our
 destruction...  first.  We Must Go Beyond The Sun...
                                                                                                       AW 9-26-22
"Native" Black Americans are dealing with a nuanced, awkward reality...

..."FORWARD stagnation" to going    backwards --all of it subtly infused to
 outright FEATURED in various ways
 across  damn  near all "owned media". 
...unfortunately, a fair few Native Black
folks  who "politic"
 to represent(get elected)--do not deal with
 the "real" of  "Been-Here-From-Git"  Black
 Folks losing ground in damn near every
 sector...except maybe sports. And "low-regard".

There are individual examples of
 intelligent, capable, balanced,
 self-possessed, reasoned, SOLID
 generations "Been-Here" Black
 Folk here and there... "representing"...

But so much we see, hear, read, take in
 through various media outlets is
 "tinged" to outright "soaked" in
 negative to downright disgusting
 portrayal of "Been-Here" Black

A leitmotif of  "less-than" runs through
 the vast majority of it.  Poison in small
 to LARGE doses for the young in
 formation/development of "self". 

"Native", "Been-Here" Black Americans
 are generally accepted to be the "least"
 among Americans.  A clearly identifiable
 sub-culture... stepped over by even the
 most recent of new arrivals... some
 with no roots, history or family
 citizenship when "anchor birthed" in

*America is one of a comparatively few
 countries on the planet that allows for
 "anchor-born"(parents not citizens)
 to run for highest office of the land.
  Puppeteer "passing over" became crystal
 clear with the ignoring of a group of 
 American Women(and White and Male)
 with deep roots and deep
 understanding being pushed
 aside in favor of... "anchor-born
 Mrs.--  for V.P.---

  The "shoe-horned" VP
 manipulation was anchor-birthed to
 non-citizen parents and raised through
 formative years in Canada. Where she
 is a graduate of a Canadian high school...

I "think" Congressman Clyburn "tried"
 to push other better qualified "women"--
 but was backroom ignored by the
 cleverly self-positioned puppeteers
 who have sorta quietly moved themselves
 into "shot-caller"/puppet-controller

There were several...starting with
 Val  Demings...who would have...
 NO  QUESTION...been a light-years
 better choice.

It ain't personal.  It's just obvious
 manipulation.  And wrong. 

 It's a delicate balance to keep the
 useful, "useful"... but, finally...

 Kinda like the NFL.  Love the game.
 But can't help but notice who owns,
 manipulates... and keeps
 "control" while hiding in plain-sight
 making sure no "Been-Here" Black
 Americans end up in one of "their"
 Ownership Boxes. *Gittin'  harder
 to exclude. But you can BET they will
 choose carefully"... if and when.

 made  me sick to my stomach at thought
 of laying that weak shit on the
 generation coming along.  

Been-here Negroes need to take as much
 pride in their common bond and heritage
 as those who show up from every
 damn  where else... and use
 what's usable from the battles fought,
 lost and won over CENTURIES by
 "Been-Here" Native Black Americans.
The new-arrivals  'll tell you in a
 minute  about who they are...their pride
 in same--but give little to no
 "honest"  respect/regard in return.

*...understand and don't blame 'em,
 in large part because the "owned-
 coordinated" media and the folks
 BEHIND image creation/manipulation/
 "news"--have historically...
 AND STILL... cultivate a general
 low-regard(more subtle) downward
 look AND USE...of Native/Been-Here
 Black Americans.

 And why shouldn't they. 

"We" don't even claim or
 embrace or celebrate our "unique" people
 and culture. 

The Negroes I know?  Share a
 common culture and bond with? 

'Been here for generations.  Smokey,  Tempations, Jelly Roll Morton,
 Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Dr. King(who famously said...)
"The Negro knows very little of "Africa"...
 Nothin' against anyone IN Africa...
 FROM  AFRICA... but to
 be COMPLETELY honest?  The Negroes who
 are my Kin?  My Folks? 'Share
 MY  many generations history, culture? 

          "Been-Here" Black Americans.

I was once sitting dinner with "royalty"
 from Africa. Cool enough fella.  At one
 point, he reached across the table
 and cupped my one hand in his. 
He said, "we may well have done your
 people a favor by sending you to America"... 

I pulled by hand back.

No other response.  'Wasn't needed. 
Most of the "sending" I knew was
 my Grandmother sending my ass to
 the store, to cut the weeds, to...

 ...and the same with all my other family,
 kin and friend. 

This Africa man was more foreign
 to me than my Ukrainian Neighbor who
 did ALL he could to get me out of the
 Officer program for 2 gold-bars shooting target helmeted Second Lieutenant cannon-fodder clueless--during Vietnam War. 

He'd been there.  'Did all he could
 to keep me from doing what many
 friends and Family... of all races of "Americans" did... serve a bad idea
 in support of Family, Neighbor,
 Friend... and Country.

 I fly the 13 Star Flag outside my front
 door  most days.  I consider myself a
 "Native" Black American.
Generations deep. 

Crispus Attucks.  First to die
 for the idea of "America"
--a Black Man(mixed)...
 I'll be dealing with my determination to
 recognize, honor, celebrate, acknowledge,
 identify  with my unique and specific culture,
 People, Family... until I take my last breath from this mother...

                                                                      AW 9-23-22  
...ain't 100% with red-hat fella, below...

But...both he and Farrakhan speak to Black Folks NOT buying the
 "helpless victim"  straight-jacket that awaits any and many who would
 put the damn thing on... and live in it.

Both are pushing the idea that in spite of all the "problems" there is one thing
 we can still do in America? 

We can try, learn...and most of us can get better/do better.
                                                                                                                                     AW 9-26-22
 ...and meantime in the rest
                                         of the world...

'not a "fan" of DeSantis but listening
                                                               to thoughts of all...