ON FEBRUARY 9, 2021 - Work begins on the script for the INDEPENDENT movie "THE NATIVE BLACK AMERICAN".   In coming year, we will be seeking investors(if we need them), contributions, staff, crew and--of course--talent(Actors).  We will intermittently post here to keep you aware of our progress. 

To those who have been following/supporting this site, "Thank You". 

We look forward to accomplishing the movie--hopefully--in honor of those(like Congressman Adam Clayton Powell *watch movie about him, linked below)--who worked hard and smart  and gained much while avoiding allowing themselves to be cast/used as subservients, dupes, puppets, owned/controlled/media-propaganda promoted, manipulated speakers for and leaders of... 

Sent by a Friend who always puts good stuff in front of me...
                                                                                               AW 4-9-21

“What do we want? What is the thing we are after? As it was phrased last night it had a certain truth: We want to be Americans, full-fledged Americans, with all the rights of other Americans. But is that all? Do we want simply to be Americans? Once in a while through all of us there flashes some clairvoyance, some clear idea, of what America really is. We who are dark can see America in a way that white Americans cannot. And seeing our country thus, are we satisfied with its present goals and ideals? 

        “If you tonight suddenly should become full-fledged Americans; if your color faded, the color line here in Chicago was miraculously forgotten; suppose, too, you became at the same time rich and powerful;--- what is it that you would want? What would you immediately seek? Would you buy the most powerful motor-cars and outrace Cook County? Would you buy the most elaborate estate on the North Shore? Would you be a Rotarian or a Lion or a What-not of the very last degree? Would you wear the most striking clothes, give the richest dinners and buy the longest press notices?

         “Even as you visualize such ideals you know in your heart that these are not the things you really want. You realize this sooner than the average white America because, pushed aside as we have been in America, there’s come to us not only a certain distaste for the tawdry and flamboyant but a vision of what the world could be if it were really a beautiful world; if we had the true spirit; if we had the Seeing Eye, the Cunning Hand, the Feeling Heart; if we had, to be sure, not perfect happiness, but plenty of good hard work, the inevitable suffering that always comes with life; sacrifice and waiting, all that--- but, nevertheless, lived in a world where men know, where men create, where they realize themselves and where they enjoy life. It is that sort of a world we want to create for ourselves and for all America.”    


Bay Area Community Leaders

Say Many Attacks on Asian Americans Go Unreported


If can't handle alone -and no "help" available*--
SPEAK ON IT,  YELL ON IT!!! from safe distance/cover or...
you'll know... 

If you hear of, know of a moronic fool who gets his kicks or  robs and
hurts for--hell, you tell me--REPORT HIS ASS! IMMEDIATELY! 
Messin' with Folks who ain't done nothin' to you ain't jus' criminal
and wrong...  it's SICK--and sick folks need to be put where
they can't do harm.   YOU OWE IT TO YOUR FAMILY AND
                                                                                                                 AW 3-12-21
Kidnapped into slave-servitude to start things off. Lotta work for no compensation.  Others built generational wealth while you get mentions here and there for...

COURAGE, BRAVERY AND DECORATED SERVICE in helping to create and maintain "America" from the very beginning-and all along the way. 

There's plenty of  "on-the-record" HISTORICAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of valued contributions you made  in taming the very land that suppressed you, while fighting and suppressing the indigenous peoples OF that land(arrogantly misnomered "Indians").

So the multi-purpose used Black Americans made safe places for  the very people who worked to keep them down.  (watch BUFFALO SOLDIERS, BELOW)

The irony that IS  "been here" Black Americans is...butt-crazy "bizarre".  

If you think about it--so much about it--makes absolutely no damn sense.


BLACK LIVES MATTER? -- is an indication of  just how
comparatively weak some would cast the descendants of the
Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskeegee Airmen...and others who came before.  

It  is the epitomy of  surrender to other folks assumptions about
who and what THEY are--and who and what YOU are in
comparison to them. 

The Buffalo Soldiers who went to town when one of them was mistreated/disrespected--did not go to beg that "Black Lives Matter".
They went to represent the Truth of it.

They laid the foundation with their lives.  Don't give it up so cheap.

                                                                                          AW 3-25-21
Icing on the cake for "THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS" documentary, below, would be
to have a presence like HARRY LENNIX
in full dress Buffalo Soldier military uniform
as the on-camera personage with a bearing becoming one of the legendary  proud band
of "Brothers".  The present  on-camera "guide"?  Cool...but...
Watch the movie, below(writer-AW/uncredited-ACPIII)
Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
is the last true/savvy
"Native Black American"
political-power difference maker.
Powell worked "inside" the system
with Kennedy and others and "outside"
the system with Malcolm X and
others of the time to make historic
gains for all Americans. 
Powell was nobody's "puppet" or "dupe".
                                                                  AW 11-7-20

...'Sure couldda used him
or someone like him
--starting around 2008...

Slave-Descendant-Been-Here Negroes got "Mossed" "Used" "Manipulated" "Played" "Fleeced" AND "Chumped"!

...and most don't seem to know it...
In RESPONSE to someone "appreciating" KEEP THE FAITH, BABY--a movie (link featured here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkIZdGhR6ZA&feature=emb_logo )...   AW 2-20-21

BIG "THANK YOU". In my not so humble opinion,
Doug McHenry(Director) is one of the best and brightest to use
his immense God-Given talents in Hollywood. As with many
things I feel I've seen/learned over this Lifetime--where creating
images for Native Black Americans is concerned--"I" feel
Mr. McHenry's talents were not met with opportunity anywhere near
equal to his talents. Good news is--'means of "doing" is not as dependent
on the gatekeepers/"controllers" in movie/television business...moving
forward. Result: hopefully more empowering stuff that doesn't
have behind the scenes "money-controller-gatekeeper CHOOSERS"
putting THEIR spin, control, demeaning little pieces of bullshit cliches
in what gets "greenlighted"--and presented. We've had generations of
subtle to overt demeaning crap put on
Black characters/stories, etc.(put into the heads, minds, psyches,
self-images of all who pass through). Still happening--but the
means to do WITHOUT "THEIR" spin is growing. What happened
to Powell, Malcolm, Ali, Dr. King--is still very much in play--but more
"nuanced". It's the Young, Future Generations I'm concerned about. PORTRAYALS MATTER. Hope for the Future? More Young are talking
to each other--straight up. Concerns? Means of "control" because of technology(and money games) are giving greater power to
indoctrinate(cabal-owned mass media, press, money-in-politics, etc.).
self-appointed overseers. It's a race. Do we maintain our
basic human natures and freedoms to think, explore and express--
or do we become "uber-controlled" servants to...
We have no Adam Clayton Powells in politics or power
today(that I can think of...) yet.
Let's go new/future generations...DO BETTER. 
                                                                                         AW 2-20-21
...cullud folk talkin'          'bout it...


*recommendations appreciated/send to: 

...I understand Minister Farrakhan's frustration, expressed at end of the following video... BUT!..
...you really can't blame the fisherman for catchin' the fish who keep takin' the bait...and gettin' scaled.  Or the herder who keeps fleecing the sheep who stay on the farm and keep gettin' fleeced.  You got the mic, you got a following?  Offer a solid compelling alternative. Created, packaged, offered in a way that the fish and the sheep feel it can/will sustain THEM and their families.  That's really what any fisherman and sheep-herder is doing... has done... to keep HIS family well-fed...sustained.

Is there something to be learned from the self-sufficient ways of the Amish?  Or better--the Jewish model?  Wise men to advise, aid cohesion via respected Rabbi network? 

A collection of advisors, leaders? 

A revisit to W.E.B Du Bois's "Talented Tenth"?  Not just one "leader"--but a collection of the exceptional?  Working in dedicated concert? To aid, advise, lead...serve as shining examples?
                           AW 3-18-21
BUT--SOMETIMES THERE'S  MORE TO THE STORY THAN MEETS THE STORY TOLD....  (see comment at end of reading this account) ...

California Man Pepper-Sprays

Asian Gas Station Owner During

Racist Rant

An Asian gas station owner needed to go to hospital after he was pepper-sprayed during

a racist tirade at his Oakland, California business.

 © iStock Cwell said he will press charges against the man.

Cwell, who did not share his last name with ABC7 News, said the confrontation

began when a customer wanted to pay with dozens of quarters at the Broadway

gas station at around 11 a.m. on Thursday.

Surveillance footage showed the customer, who was wearing a gray hooded

jacket, trying to pay with the quarters when he started a confrontation with the

cashier. Cwell then intervened between the two in a bid to calm the situation down.

Cwell, who has owned his business for around 20 years, told ABC7 News:

"My staff, she's like, 'well, wait, hold on there. You kind of have to take this to the

bank because I can't fit this all in the till.

"He (the customer) just started mouthing off…'You should go back to China,' like that.

We were just bursting out laughing because it was so unbelievable."

When the man threatened to come back again Cwell hurried after him in order

to take down his license plate number and start recording him.

During the horrific tirade, the man said: "Go f*** your mama.

Go f*** you mama. You're not from here. You're Asian. Small d***. Small d***."

In the clip, Cwell can be heard laughing as the man continues his rant.

The situation became violent, however, when the man returned to his car and

reversed towards Cwell, which the business owner "took as an assault."

Cwell told the network: "The guy had pulled out his pepper spray and he had

shot my face and arms. I ended up going to the ER to get taken care of."

He added: "I totally appreciate that you let me share my story because this

has got to stop. I hope this brings awareness that everybody goes through the

same stuff.  We just have to understand that and understand that we all have

to work together."

The gas station owner said he plans to press charges against the man.

Stop AAPI Hate, a nonprofit organization that tracks discrimination and racism

directed towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, has recorded thousands

of harassment cases against the community during the COVID-19 pandemic since

it was launched in March 2020.

The group said in a February 9 statement it had received more than 2,808

"firsthand accounts of anti-Asian hate" from 47 states and the District of Columbia

between March 19, 2020, and December 31, 2020.

The Department of Justice said on March 5 it held a session with more than a

dozen Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community groups as part of

efforts to prevent further hate crimes against the community.

Deputy Attorney General John Carlin said: "No one in America should fear violence

because of who they are, what they look like or what part of the world they or their

families came from. "The Department of Justice and our component agencies are

committed to bringing all of our tolls to bear in supporting the AAPI communities

as we address the horrific rise in hate and bias incidents occurring across the country."

Newsweek has contacted the Oakland Police Department for comment.

LET'S GET REAL-REAL:  Could/would this have been avoided with a little bit more respect and understanding?  Is this kind of micro-macro disrespect common between these two groups?

**Pepper spraying, by ranting fella was way wrong. 

Shouldda jus' gone to another gas station that would

accept coin money.  BUT--it wasn't like

he was paying in pennies.  'Suspect that's the bread

he had.  If he's paying in quarters, good chance he's

already having a bad day(*'been there.  Nothin' like bein' broke AND disrespected*) 

Not accepting legit American

bread for a legit business transaction? Telling the guy

to go to a bank like he's a child/errand boy and get what YOU will accept?  

Sounds like maybe the gas-station folk should be in a business where they don't deal with real people in person.

Mass disrespect. 

Pepper-spraying, ranting guy was extreme wrong.

And should face the consequences of

his criminal actions.

**BUT the gas-station folk were also arrogantly wrong

as a business in the US rejecting legal US currency.**

                                                                                         AW- IDES of March - 2021