...we fly this 13 STAR FLAG IN honor of Crispus Attucks and the rest of the Ancestors and Allies who've kept
rollin'   strong for the "promise" of
America over the centuries. 

*Here's one for you, while I hope to see a "Native" Black American as President, someday(no more "looks like" puppets, please),  I hope just as strongly----to see a FIRST NATIONS NATIVE AMERICAN    (Navajo, Cherokee, etc) as President/Chief of this great land--before it's over (man, would THAT be cool).   AW 12-6-20
...a day where we remember, honor, celebrate and give humble thanks
to those Black American Ancestors
who came before and contributed
over generations to the development
and evolution of a "Native" Black    American People/Culture.  

"Native" Black Americans are a
specific-unique people("Tribe")
who share a very specific-unique
and common History, Culture and
Centuries Old Relationship to
this land called "America".

As much as the forces of
manipulation, control, mass mind-
speak work to sculpt and define
who we are, the best and brightest among us must resist and insist
above and beyond their game of
permanent "dispossession"(the action of depriving someone of land, property, or other possessions; in the case of the Native Black American--dignity and self-determination).  *Not all "others" are "Others". There are many friends of different "tribes" who have
their own struggles against
the clever, self-appointed "elite controllers".

Hell, "some" of us do it to "us".

BUT... the good news is--some of the best and brightest and most aware among the youngins(OF ALL RACES, RELIGIONS, PLACES OF ORIGIN, ETC.) are determined to make America and the World a "better place"... 


Like it or not.  Admit it or not. It is a tribal world.  

Those groups who recognize the truth of this are the most

successful on the planet. They work in concert for their “tribe”. 

And it is passed on to the next generation. 

Jews are the best at it.

Native Black Americans are the worst.

When’s the last time you heard of a Jew killing a Jew?  

When’s the last time you heard of a Native Black American killing another Native Black American?  

If we don't do better as a tribe, our children, grand-children 

and beyond will suffer our inability to work together  

far far far into the future. Gains from past generations are 

being lost,  forgotten, appropriated, squandered,  ignored.  


Blood-earned Civil Rights gains/equality are being exploited by others who were nowhere to be seen

when the blood was spilled 

to open doors for them to have a better shot
at getting into 

places like Harvard and Yale.  They now claim discrimination--with "Native Black Americans"

as their "competitive problem".  

Yes, "some" Native Black Americans are(as they say) "standing 

on the shoulders of those who came before".  A percentage 

are living better lives because of the hard work and steep prices 

paid to open doors...for all. Great.  

But far too many Native Black Americans are being left behind.  

You disagree?  Check the crime, murder, prison, high school and 

college stats/indexes.   

Yes, America works best when tribes work together, in concert, as allies, neighbors, friends..."Americans".


... on the real side--

Jews take care of Jews, Asians look out for Asians, Jamaicans recognize Jamaicans, Nigerians, Dominicans, Mexicans, 

Africa-Africans, India-Indians--and on and on--they distinguish themselves from "Native Black Americans"(and other "tribes")

--when convenient and to their advantage.  

White Americans of various connections champion their tribes. 

Ol' Donald Trump rode that truth to the White House... 

Bottom line:  Each group in some way champions its tribe.    

Native Black Americans are the one group who have no working 

tribal acknowledgement.  It was strong in past--and helped "Make America Great".  (No Mr. Trump, you are not the architect of that distinction.  Matter of fact, America was probably at its

GREATEST when the "ALLIES"(made up of all kinds of

tribes) defeated your claimed-by-heritage, mankind-destructive,

misguided German brethren)...

ALL the tribes contributed.  

Native Black American cultural, political and historical 
identity was born and evolved over centuries in this place 
called "America".  From Crispus Attucks, Frederick 
Douglass, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, W.E.B. Dubois--
thru Jelly Roll Morton, Joe Louis, Dr. Martin Luther King, 
Thurgood Marshall, the Black Panthers, Willie Mays, 
Adam Clayton Powell, Muhammad Ali, Mahalia Jackson, 
Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, Mowtown, Venus and 
Serena--and on and on...

A unique and specific people.  That's the Native Black 
American Tribe. 

This is not to deny our African origins.  It is to embrace 
our unique and specific Native Black American heritage.

To the degree we have lost our connection to that 
heritage, we have lost our connection to our specific and
unique history, culture and people.

Does your ancestry in this place called America 

disappear somewhere in the  1800's?  

Are you the descendant of slaves brought               

to America somewhere between 1581

and 1800’s?

 Is your culture and tribe that unique   

 culture and tribe which was born and 

 evolved  in this land now called 


If so, your are Native Black American.  

You are recognized for who you are, here.  


Smokey speaks on "Native" Black-American versus African-American "misnomer"--

Much of what Smokey Robinson says speaks more to many of us than Jesse Jackson's misguided declaration for all. A large percentage of dissenting voices were ignored. It matters.
Awww,  BUDDY... special thanks to world renowned Black American novelist, Dr. Charles Johnson, for turning us on to this little bit of...

In the inimitable words of DICK SADLER, legendary boxing trainer of World Champions, "...son, ya gotta take what ya got to git what you want"...