Guarantee, there's a lot of Native Black Americans ( ...and Africa "REAL" African-Americans who are first-generation new here) who are WELL aware of the issues--who are not "feelin" Black Lives Matter. 

'Proud Folk who don't wanna come at it that way.  They KNOW their lives matter 'cause they bust their ass livin' em.  They concede their significance to NO man. 

Yeah, stuff needs addressed--but not from banner-phrased weakness...  It MATTERS.

Ain't a fan of the phrase "BLACK LIVES MATTER" all. Hell, "ALL Lives" matter goes without saying. 

'Appreciate that folks are paying attention to stuff that needs attention paid... but damn--that is one sorry-ass slogan. 

'Suspect part of the reason it works is because it has just enough condescension to keep an underlying cushion of superiority in the mix....for some.  The less "truly" enlightened.  

The awkward phrase can, has--and I predict--WILL come back to bite Black Americans in the ass.

Not sure about you--but I am not interested in some of the well-meaning(sometimes) curious folks easin' up to me with pity in eyes and manner--for another conversation about "my" plight.  My generation is infected with them. If the shit is about "real" change--we're ALL in it.  And, frankly, I'm too busy trying to pay the rent to tend their inadvertent indulgences..

And for poor folk and others who are NOT Black? For more than is reported--a lot of 'em feel resentful.  Irritated.  Left out.  Short-changed. 

Why?--because the phrase is, by wording, excluding...even if the worst cops DO do their worst evil deeds to Black Americans.  Poor Whites, Latin Folks, Asians--and a whole BUNCH of other Americans--are having their own brand of problems with the worst racist assholes in America.  And truth be told, many of the victimized today, practice their own brand of ugly racism towards others in TONS of instances, tomorrow.  

The cause can be better articulated.  By far.

Then again, I'm mainly speaking about the "older" generation; the one dying off with me.  A pretty good chunk of the young folks seem to have a whole new deal workin'.  I hope so.  We failed.  Hopefully, they will not.

Older white liberals love shit like "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD".  I refused to teach the book to a racially-diverse class in juvenile lockup.  The young folks appreciated it.  And the head of the school thanked me and said she would not be teaching that book as a "featured" part of main course, henceforth. I substituted FREDERICK DOUGLASS.  Non-fiction--and devoid of the usual inherently debasing "assumption portrayals"--and savior-hero prototypes. 

Truth be told--there are many young folks who seem to finally want an end to the bullshit.  "Black Lives Matter", per an old fella who's been "around" way of thinkin'-- may eventually get in the way. "OVERCOME THE ASSHOLES"  or "OVERWHELM THE ASSHOLES"(on "my" protest signs)... or, simply "WE INSIST", "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", WE DEMAND A BETTER WORLD", "MAKE AMERICA, AMERICA".

Here's one that will get my butt in trouble with a BUNCH of folks--but it is what I believe--because I have experienced both:  "There's NOTHING better than a good cop.  And there is NOTHING WORSE than a bad one."  

The task as I see it?  Make it IMPOSSIBLE for a bad "wanna be" cop to get a badge and a gun. And do all that we can to find, recruit, support, respect, and appreciate the damn good ones.   

... I KNOW some folks out there have some doggone good ideas! Let's hear 'em.
JUNETEENTH?(what the hell is there to celebrate?!):  JUNETEENTH makes absolutely no sense to me.  Sooo, Negroes are celebratin' what?  Bein' freed from some criminal bullshit never shouldda been captive to in the first damn place?  I can see celebratin' (as I DO on December 12, yearly)--"ANCESTORS DAY"--

...but all this mass-media simpatico?  'Delivered on platter with an underlying  ton of fat brain-washing, media fed "normalcy"?

I understand Negroes lookin' for every opportunity to have a good time, but damn!  Over bein' let loose and escaping some historically self-legalized criminal assholes kidnapping, beating, raping and on and on--other folks?  Ain't nothin' to celebrate.  Think about it.

'Self-respecting/aware humans give no credence to criminal-evil wrong-doin. Done to them--by others.  It's nuts.

Let THEM celebrate becoming human--if they want.  But Juneteenth?  A bad joke.  Not good for young minds, psyches, self worth, growth, true self-determination, etc.  Stop it, already.  

For 'Negroes born and raised to KNOW they are as solid and capable as anyone else--no need for all this "our lives matter, too" bullshit--it's weak.  Work needs to be done, yes.  But not from being down on one knee, looking up. There have been many rallying phrases far more respectfully powerful:  NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, being one... or, simply--ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (gives ALL a hand in pursuit of their common "humanness")--

Hell, enlist the young folks to come up with something that captures THEIR time--all races and such--to capture THEIR determination to live better human lives--period.

Does this mean that the Truth of the affects of slavery and systemic schemed exclusion, etc.  should not be addressed?  No, not at all.  But done with honor, mutual respect and genuine pursuit of "understanding" by the best from all sides.

Reparations?  Yeah, lotta work done for nothing for kidnapper-rapist-systemically empowered  depraved pirate-gangsters; continued/continues for centuries.

Okay, a lot of humans all over the world were doing similar/same throughout history. But this is "America".  An experiment/promise like no other. And if we want make it "GREAT"--for real?  Finally?  Let's GET REAL. 

NEGROES celebrating  Juneteenth?  Strikes me as being a bit like--that Stockholm Syndrome shit(look it up).

DISCLAIMER FOR ALL WHO MIGHT GUEST ON THIS SITE--THIS IN NO WAY REFLECTS THEIR BELIEFS.  This is Art Washington talkin' shit on his 71st birthday. Damn!  That is OLD!  AW
CLICK PIC BELOW TO GET SOME CLEAR AS A BELL insight into Kamala Harris's phoniness...per her own "very accomplished" Father. THIS VERY SOLID MAN calls his phony daughter out on her bullshit!  Also, Harris's Jamaican ancestors OWNED slaves--no wonder it was so easy for her to railroad Colored Folks to jail! Seriously! The irony is killin' me!  Can't make this stuff up!  CLICK THE PIC, DOGGONIT! GET SOME UNDENIABLE INSIGHT.
I don't dislike Kamala Harris, I just hate to see my fellow Colored Folk getting used and chumped by game-playing phonies. And after selling Black Folks down the river and into lifetime jail terms(3 Strikes and MORE)?---Bothers the hell outta me to see her "play" her way into "support" from Black Americans--COMPLETELY undeserved.  She's Donald Trump Truth-Twister in a dress--pretending to give a damn. Beyond her own advancement...she doesn't.  Her past record is clear proof for those who care to take a look.

It'd be Native/Historic Black Americans, played, again. (I guess Joe and his "team" DO figure 'tell a Negro he ain't Black if he doesn't vote for ol' Joe no matter what--works!)

Mr. Clyburn, talk real to this fella. Now is not the time to "go along". 

If it's a Black Woman--and not Ms. Warren(who's a MUCH better choice than Harris)--then "learn the man" to choose a REAL Black Woman, dammit! 

There are several who are unquestionably as/or MORE capable than phony Harris.


Owned media keeps pushing Harris.  Ask yourself why?  Is it her "look"?  Her phoniness? Her First Mister Vice-President husband versus Demings?  Bottoms?  And maybe even Warren's husband? 

Harris sure as heck wasn't a friend to Black folks with her 3 strikes law support--and and a BUNCH of other stuff.  It'll come out if Joe is maneuvered into THAT mistake. Harris will be Joe Biden's polished version of  Sarah Palin(at least Palin was "real").  Hell--Trump might look better per his record with his prison reform moves than Harris's past activities. 

6/22/20 TODAY'S MY  71rst BIRTHDAY --you kidding me?!  Git out and play, kids--'here before you know it... 
13 STAR FLAG FLIES today--just because...
Coupla favorite folks born on this exact day, June 22, 1949:  ELIZABETH WARREN, MERYL STREEP.

And here's a few I ain't exactly
jumpin' up and down about sharing this
day with:  Diane "MoneyBags/Stock Wizard" Feinstein--the woman actually voted for bill to allow warrantless government searches of folks' emails, recently. Not very Democratic, Diane(her buddy,  Bernie, conveniently avoided showing up to vote)--who ARE these people, really?  No respect for Right of Privacy provision? Bill lost 59-37--only needed ONE MORE VOTE to pass. Think about that--
all the arm-waving and histrionics to
get folks believin' he's all about Rights?  And
ol' good-buddy-Bernie doesn't show up to protect peoples' privacy?  Huh?

ED BRADLEY- Briefly met/spoke with him on an Easter weekend. He was at his desk, working.  I was there to interview Mike Wallace for the Adam Clayton Powell movie. Ed Bradley was one very cool human.
Will quit celebrating me in a couple of days. 'Will get over my SUDDENLY self-indulgent ancient ass and get back to exciting upcoming featuring of ADAM POWELL lll and HARRY LENNIX.