...'proudly admit
that I 'Wrote-in-voted'...

Val Demings;
Tulsi Gabbard;

Guarantee: A deep-rooted  American 'Top-Cop' and a War-Experienced Vet would be 
MUCH better than the seeming hidden-string-held "PUPPETS" we presently have.    
                                             AW 10-12-21
        Elephant or Rhinoceros?
Like Colin Kaepernick(*farther down*) this woman(camera right) is touching a part of the "ELEPHANT" in a completely dark room. However, different from Kaepernick, she's ALSO wearing a blindfold.

While Kap's stumbling with pieces of this and that--and still trying to figure out what he's dealing with... his proud Jamaican counterpart proclaims loudly she knows EXACTLY what this "RHINOCEROS" is! 

'She breathlessly exclaims that SHE is living proof that someone who can proudly say "I wasn't born here, this is not my culture, not my country"(she said it above, not me) knows all she needs to know about this "Rhino" that the stupid dumb-ass Black Folks who've been here for 400+ years can't figure out! 

She's telling EVERYONE who'll listen(and can use her) that us who  just got here understand everything  MUCH better than those who've been here...(and laid the foundation through struggle and blood, hostility and, YES, FRIENDSHIP(combined effort with other Americans of ALL creeds, colors, etc)...

It's "American-complex", Jamaican Lady...but we have been and are--ALL of us--still workin' on it.  Congrats you got here just in time to reap some of the benefits of our ongoing efforts.

You and Kamala Harris have far more in common than you and the people you disparage do... congrats to both of you...

Even with all your political differences, you both find  Native Blacks "useful" for your own personal quest for advancement/power.


Native Black Americans?  Ya'll Negroes need to wake the ---- up!  You AIN'T "African-Americans" near as much as you are BEEN-HERE SINCE BEFORE AMERICA WAS "AMERICA"  KINFOLK.   Your specific and unique Culture, History, Family, Language, kin THAT YOU KNOW? YOU/WE/WAS/WERE created HERE. 

"We" created/became "Us", here...

Present day "real"...

When it's convenient/useful--we're all "Black"... but when it comes time to climb/advance/"become",  Native Black Americans become unconnected rungs on the ladder only as valuable as they are "useful". 

Nigerians recognize and take pride in "Nigerianess", Jamaicans, Ethiopians--and on and same.  And--in true American way... it's"Familia"/my tribe first. THEN we work with the others for our common American Goals. 

Native Black American Negroes..."listen" to the above...and think...

The self-described Jamaican Lady's "map"  description AIN'T the "territory" "precisely" as she proclaims it to be.

And Kaepernick(Bless him for his efforts) is tryin' to lead Been-Here Negroes on a backwards winding trail.   A better Future for the Native Black Americans with deep roots and "Familia" ties, HERE... is to recognize the reality--and make it a uniting strength. 

Me, personally?  I know, trust, have been/am friends with more so-called "White" Americans than clicque-ish newly arrived REAL "Africa" African-Americans I've encountered...

What comedian Godfrey says is something I KNOW from experience--and related experience of others. 


                                                                                                                     AW 10-5-21
COMMENT COMING... SORRY, COLIN... I CAN'T JOIN YOUR PARADE... but that's okay.  You have every right to march...
                                                                                                  AW 10-5-21
Crispus Attucks  - MAX IRONY:  A Black Man, historically acknowledged to be First Man to stand up for American Independence from England(himself an escaped slave) was the First to die for "America"; prompting the American Revolution... 

...seems kinda foolish--stupid actually(all things considered)... but Negroes have been doing and being used and blamed for stupid stuff throughout "real" American History. 

For every good to great "leader", there have been a boatload of political snake-oil salesmen(mostly men)-and clever fools who have conned, bullshitted, played their way into "spokesmanship"/prominence.  Some were/are at least "partially" well meaning--but not ready for prime time true "leadership". 

Whether Attucks' sacrifice of his freegin' Life while being hunted to be put back in chains was arguably not the best cause to give his Life for-- the "event" is still a testament to how long and deeply involved "Black" Americans have been with "America" since BEFORE the Mayflower.

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