NATIVE/HISTORICAL BLACK AMERICANS have had MANY solid SINGLE leaders...  many LOCAL advocates/community-minded workers.  AS WELL AS mutually supportive collectives... towns, neighborhoods... 

What the hell happened?

Below is the breakdown of how a group, who arrived long after our own challenging existence in "America", has THRIVED. 

Jews had their own challenges.  Hats off to them for not only overcoming--but overwhelming.

Native Black Americans might learn a thing or two from the "smart-effective" cooperative approach of the Jews.

Waves of others have done similar(even if not as powerfully effective as the Jews).  And waves of newly arrived, even now, are doing similar.  Even "real" Africans--from Africa.  

First step for "Historic/Native" Black Americans?  Recognize your tribe... and work with them...WHILE working with all other fellow Americans.   

Until then, Native Black Americans will continue to leave too many behind--AND continue to be sculpted, defined, depicted, "used" by others. 

As a group, Native Black Americans do not control their fate, let alone their narrative...their Future...their well-being.  Check out the Jewish way. Check out the way of most others who succeed in today's America(and moving forward).

First step?  Collective/Individual pride. Don't be a chump.  Don't accept disrespect and condescension. OR clever designs by others to reach THEIR goals with you as "resented" cannon-fodder.  Our Ancestors deserve better.

Example: Biden using Black folks to get into office--while PLAYING Black folks to move a non-Native Black(Harris) and HER backers into power--as an "Historical" Black American first. 

And dammit, Joe--and crew... no need to go on and on about appointing a "Black Woman" to Supreme Court...BEFORE you do it.  Hell, why can't you folks be as quiet about THAT as you are about sneaking folks across border under cover of darkness into America?! 

It's HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL and harmful to the person you choose.  If that be your and your controllers' choice?  At least have the decency NOT to put her on "resentment blast" before it's done.  Leave the woman some damn dignity--if she be your choice.

If Native Blacks become more in touch with each other?  Stuff like that stops.  Or, at least,  will be considerably lessened.  Challenged. 

Working together?  Truly recognizing your "tribe"?

Native Blacks can stop being "useful chumps"... Hell, ya'll Negroes 'been here long enough...

Check it out... "learn you somethin'":